Dane graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a BS in Business and Communications. He has lived and worked in Atlanta, St Louis and the Florida Keys. Dane’s first visit to Rabun County was in 1988 to visit a relative. He and his partner, Sean, love the opportunities for outdoor adventure and the welcoming nature of the community

In 2017, they evacuated to Rabun County during Hurricane Irma. During that time, the mountains called. They purchased a home and opened Salon Element/Clayton. When Dane is not working with clients exploring property, he can be found taking care of his clients at the salon.

Dane loves working with people of all walks of life and interests. He says, “I have always known that my love for business is matched only by my passion for people. And helping my clients find their dream homes and enjoy the wonderful people and life here in North Georgia is my dream come true.”